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After stage twelve, in which Tomáš Vrátný injured his wrist and bent the steering arm after an accident on a large sand dune, the two hardest “sand stages” awaited our team. With the injured hand and damaged vehicle, the MAXXXcasino team decided to race the demanding stages “safely”. 

… quite possibly they were also saving their strength until they reached the depot, where the crew received full beauty treatment before the final speed test :)


The MAXXXcasino team finished well in eleventh place. Success? Disappointment? These rallies are not only about the final rankings. They are tough tests of the technology used in the racing specials, human determination and will. The extremely demanding nature of such races, which the vast majority of us cannot even imagine, radically changes ordinary competition values. Victory, as we ordinarily perceive it, becomes a relative term here. 
Everybody who reached the finishing line of the Silk Way Rally can congratulate themselves and deserves admiration from all of us.
This is why twelfth place is undoubtedly a success and we would like to thank the boys not only for their great driving, but also for enabling us to virtually participate in the rally at the MAXXXcasino website.

Thank you for again supporting the MAXXXcasino team and we hope that you will become our permanent fans, not only in future rallies…

Thank you for your attention, good luck and always have the MAXXX fun

MAXXXcasino Team still maintains its position


During the tenth stage our boys have lost only a few minutes by being lost on the track, this occurred when they mistakenly relied on the sense of direction of the Chinese crew driving in front of them. Most probably,  a compass failed for the Chinese and most probably because it was of Chinese provenance! any case both crews had to turn and drive back on a narrow road, however our crew has overtaken the Chinese one by this forced technical manoeuvre – well at least something positive.... J


The next stage was or maybe should be the speed trial from Donhuang  to Jiavuguan, but weather disfavour caused its cancelation.



Let’s hope that the unpredictable weather will improve and tomorrow will again bring some thrills and adrenalin, which inseparably belong to these demanding rallies. If (regardless of the weather) you fancy a thrill and adrenalin at this moment, visit MAXXXcasino and try to torment a bit your luck in the STICKERS game with further Free spins, these are brought to you daily by the Silk Way Rally and MAXXXcasino team.



Have fun for the MAXXX

The crew of Tom Vrátný has been doing very well. Unlike many of favourites our guys avoided crashes and defects. They have instead enjoyed the most demanding stage and jumped in the sand dunes. 


After all that what it is all about – having fun and as they say “it is for the viewers”. 


In case you also want to have fun and do not have available any sand dune which you could jump over in hundred kilometer speed, try to find some fun in your favourite MAXXXcasino – there are prepared for you another Free spins for today – this time in the GLOW game

Follow further the fight of the MAXXXcasino team on Silk Way Rallye 

Enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of this extreme race and have fun every day of the Rally with Free Spins from the MAXXXcasino - today in the GUNS N ROSES game

Support the team with “MAXXX on the bonnet” and have fun for the MAXXX


For this promotion action the General Terms and Free Spin and Bonus Terms apply.


From this action are Polish players excluded.

After a deserved resting day the Silk Way Rally has reached its second half, which the team sponsored by the MAXXXcasino started in a good seventh position, in the seventh speed trial.

Nevertheless next day this demanding rally took another remorseless tax on our team - Tomas's Tatra did not withstand the extreme load and the press hose in the engine broke. The crew spent more than an hour fixing it. That of course increased the total loss against the leading driver and also a drop in the overall placement. The MAXXXcasino team has made several technical adjustments of its special Tatra vehicle and tomorrow will go to the burning Gobi desert to even more test its abilities and try to reduce the loss from the previous stage.

Support our team and be with us for the MAXXX

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